The difference is that we know what were doing



To engage the youth (up to age 35) in social, economic and cultural development activities. Include them in the decision making process to strengthen leadership skills, create accountability and sustainable reduction of poverty.


For the Tanga Region, Tanzania to eliminate poverty and to reduce its negative effects on society.


In the late 1990s, Tanga fell into a decline with many factory closures and lack of new economic investment. A significant section of the population fell into poverty. A group of local leaders decided to create an organization to solve some of the regional problems.

TAYODEA was formed in February 2000 with an objective to increase participation of young people to eliminate poverty and to contribution to society.

Since its creation, TAYODEA has received widespread local support from Mayor Kasim Kisauji of Tanaga, City Council, prominent businessmen and local educators.

TAYODEA has received international publicity through the Rough Guide guidebook which recommends TAYODEAs cultural programs.